The role of a grandparent is extremely crucial for the growth and development of a child. They are the link between the past and the future. Their unconditional warmth and infinite love creates an undying emotional connect with the grandchildren, which builds in them an inner strength to deal with the various adversities of life with confidence.
To honor the grandparents and help them create memories with their grandchildren, every year SAI International School celebrates the day with lots of joy and fervor. Grandparents of students from Play Group to Class III are invited to enjoy the special day dedicated to them, through various fun-filled activities.
Fun-filled activities like Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahin, Floral Fantasy, Just a Minute – Ball Game etc are organized. Every year Ramp Shows are organized where the Grandparents walk on the ramp with their grandchildren. The guests are treated to a medley of melodious and meaningful songs and brilliantly choreographed dance by the tiny tots of SAI Angan.