SAI Sports League

To make Sports at SAI International more engaging, the school conducts various League matches round the year. Teams from SAI International School, SAI International Residential School (SIRS) and SAI International College of Commerce (SICC), participate to develop a healthy competition and encourage students to take part in inter-school, district, state or national level tournaments.

SAI Premier League – The SAI Premiere League (SPL) was initiated in the year 2014 to help students develop and hone their skills and talents in the field of cricket. It is participated by a total of eight teams. While five teams are from Senior category like XII Science-Jaguars, XII Commerce-All Stars, XI Science-Rising Stars, XI Commerce-Warriors, SICC Dashers, three teams like SIRS Riders, IX Secondary-Young Strikers, X Secondary-Challengers are in Junior categories.

SAI Football League – Initiated in the year 2017, SAI Football League (SFL) encompasses teams from SAI International School, SIRS and SICC. The teams are divided into two categories, Senior and Junior and various matches are held in each category. In the Senior category, there are five teams XI-Science Dazzlers, XI-Commerce Hunters, XII-Science Radiants, XII-Commerce Big Bullets and SICC-Galaxy. In the Junior category, there are four teams like SIRS-Movers, Class-IX Bloomers, Class-X Young Controllers and a team from Class VIII.

SAI Basketball League – The SAI Basketball League (SBL) was initiated in the year 2018 to give a boost to the sporting skills of the students. Eight different teams participate in the tournament, five in senior category and three in Junior category.

These competitive school-level sports league give an opportunity to the students to challenge their own sporting skills, get a focussed approach, and develop confidence. As these events are conducted in a highly professional manner, students learn the various intricacies involved in conducting league matches, learn the crucial tactics from experienced mentors or coaches, increase intrinsic motivation, facilitate growth mind-set as well as develop a range of life skills that supports their progress through schools to adult life.