Founder-Chairman’s Vision

Happiness is the foundation on which great lives are built and a happy learning environment creates a lifelong impact on students.

My endeavour has always been to ensure that all the stakeholders of SAI International are happy. When I conceived the idea to start SAI International School, my sole focus was on creating a globally-benchmarked School where each and every child is happy and where learning takes place in a joyful environment. Education is the foundation on which the progress of a nation depends. It is a human right that creates profound implication on the social, economic and personal development of a person. I understand knowledge acquisition is very important, but it is also equally vital to build character and personality, which is the need of the hour. This is what we follow at SAI International – Holistic Parenting. We use the word parenting as each one here, the teachers, staff and the students feel a part of one big family. We believe strong relationships are the keys to a happy life.

Our approach towards teaching-learning is completely student-centric and is radically different from the existing teacher-centric approach. We teach the importance of mindfulness to students, by helping them to inculcate the habit of paying close attention to the present moment or putting complete focus on whatever they are doing, through closely-monitored hands-on activities.

We connect the children to the age-old values, which is the pride of our nation. We also equip them with the 21st century skills to help them align their competencies and thought-processes with the fast-changing global scenario. Children here learn to strengthen competencies, be creative and intuitive, become aspirational, develop commitments and values, and most importantly, imbibe positive thinking.

It is crucial for children to feel happy about themselves as this leads to a positive development and spreads the aura of positivity all around. Happiness encourages a growth mind-set. Children can only be happy if they are aware of their strengths. At SAI International, we celebrate the inherent talents of each individual child by providing opportunities through diversified events and celebrations and introducing them to a broad range of subjects. All achievements, however big or small, fill them with self-esteem and develop a respect for the self. A happy child hones the capability to cope with failures and not let success rule the head.

To strengthen the Education sector of the State, the Government of Odisha has bestowed me with an opportunity to serve the 314 blocks across Odisha and set up quality English Medium CBSE Schools. This mammoth responsibility will requires a lot of effort and sacrifice. My aim will be to work towards the betterment of the State and bringing the Odisha Adarsha Vidyalayas (OAVs) at par with private schools.

The foundation of SAI International is laid on the two strong components of ‘happiness’ and ‘positivity’ to create a profound impact on the well-being of the students.