SAI International School is committed to provide a safe and secure learning environment for all the students. Each and every nook and corner of the school is safety enabled and has a contingency plan in case of any emergency. This is reviewed annually and there is a constant search of newer technology to be implemented in the school.

CCTV – The entire school is under CCTV surveillance. Every corner of the school is closely monitored through the cameras.

Safety in the Bus – The school owned buses are all GPS enabled and can be tracked by the parents through the GPS tracking app. The capacity of the bus is such that the number of seats is proportional to the number of students. Each child sits on an independent seat.

Fire Extinguisher – There are fire extinguishers installed in different locations of each floor. Regular fire drills are conducted to train the children on keeping themselves safe at the time of a fire.

Slip Proof Pathway – The pathways of the school are slip proof to avoid accidents.

Hostel Warden – The hostels have both male and female wardens who keep an eye on each child. No child is let out of the school without permission from the school and parents both.

Parent Cards – Every child has been issued a parent card, with the child’s name and parents contact detail. No child is released without verifying the card, to ensure that the child is going in the right hands.

Security Guards – There are security guards who are allotted different gates of the school, to restrict entry of unknown people without appointments, to the school premise. No child or staff can leave the school without an out pass or permission.