SAI International School believes that parents are an integral part of a child’s 360 degree development and therefore ensures their participation at all levels and is open to suggestions posed by them. There are various means through which SAI International ensures parental participation.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent–teacher meetings play a vital and an integral part in a child’s academic and personal growth. To shape a child’s future parents meet each concerned teacher and discuss in detail about the ward’s SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunity and Threat). Teacher, parent and the child together make a new framework for the enhancement of the child’s mental, physical and emotional self. SAI International School holds 4 PTMs annually to cater to the needs of the children.

Parents Orientation

Parents are invited for an orientation program in the beginning of every new session, where the planner is distributed and discussed. The new initiative and plans to be included in the curriculum are also laid out for the parents to comprehend and clarify doubts about the new session.

Quick School App

The school’s Quick School app keeps the parents updated on the child’s attendance, performance, gives notices and circulars and facilitates in fee payment. Every child has a unique ID which is shared with the parents along with a password to log in the Quick School App.

Parent Login ID and Password on website

SAI International School has provided a unique Log in ID and password for each child’s parent to log on to the website to track the progress of their respective child. It is for the parents to keep a check on and a track on the child’s progress.

Class Observation by Parents

School also invites parents to observe classes being taken in their child’s classroom. This is done with a view to provide parents with a perspective of how the children are taught in the class and also how the children behave during a class. The school also invites suggestions for improvement from the parents.