SAI International School has been recognised as a ‘Microsoft Showcase School’ and ‘Microsoft Innovative School’ by Microsoft, USA in the year 2016, for being a leading institution in Digital Technology. SAI International is one of the leading schools that drive transformation through digital technology.

Microsoft Showcase Schools are the change makers in education and these schools consider the role of technology as they explore new ways to redesign learning spaces, restructure curriculum, reinvent pedagogy and re-imagine what 21st century learning looks like across diverse contexts. SAI International is proud to be a part of this journey with Microsoft, in creating an environment of innovation in education using technology.

Microsoft Showcase Schools empower school leaders to discover and share best practices, to foster a culture of innovation. As partners in learning, Microsoft provides online professional development for school leaders and educators, free teacher resources and classroom activities, aids in developing technology skills for students and enabling free collaboration with Skype for the classroom.