The annual ‘Art from the Heart’ event was organized at SAI Angan on Saturday, February 3, 2018. Enthusiastic students from Play Group to Class III participated in the photo collage activity along with their parents on the topic ‘Family Tree’.

Around 175 families took part in the activity, creating magic with their hands and strengthening the spirit of togetherness. The activity on creating a Family Tree together helps in building a sense of identification with one’s relatives and ancestors as well. It also enables the children to understand the various relationships in one family and reinforces in them a bond with other members of the family.

SAI International School believes that the holistic development of students can only be complete through the involvement of parents in school activities. To strengthen the parent-school bonding, every year several events and activities are organized which helps to improve student achievements, teacher morale and create valuable relationship between teachers and parents. ‘Art from the Heart’ is one such attempt to reinforce and salute the spirit of togetherness.